My former coworker had to mail their work equipment back to me..

6 boxes later..

Open up the first box. A mouse wrapped in about 4ft of heavy duty bubble wrap.. a keyboard box double layered in or.. and my favorite, a restore cd literally wrapped 4 times in bubble wrap. Why?

I'm scared to open the other 5 boxes

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    Update: the equipment was left with FedEx and they packaged it
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    @torpkev the packaging was so massive that FedEx had to open and repackage it so that it was possible to ship it. Or they simply ran out of packaging materials.
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    @electrineer possibly.. but the bubble wrapping is ridiculous. I've got the 6 boxes down to 3 now, with plenty of packing still
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    But the BUBBLE FOIL!
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    I'd forgive them, if it's the popable type.
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    When all you have is:
    - only one size boxes, and its fuken large.
    - a lot of bubble wrap.
    - idiots.
    - time based comp.
    6 boxes of weird crap that should never have been sent in the first place.....
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    Free bubble wrap. Profit.
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