Me : The website renewal bill is up and it will due in 30 days

Client : Sleep

Me : 14 days

Client : Sleep

Me : 7 days

Client : Sleep

Me : Last notice, it'll be dead tommorow if we dont pay today

Client : Sleep

*website dies*

Me : F

Client the day after suspension : Hey, we can't access the site.

Me : Play dead


I think i should say "email service will die if you don't pay the renewal bill" instead

based on how quick they react when shit stopped working

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    Been there many times, clients are a F pain..
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    That's why I always have enough money in my hosting account beforehand so that they can deduct automatically.
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    Hehehe I dont wanna say I gave up but I kinda did...
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    Do you notify your clients of impending bill-based deactivations? If not, that seems like a good way to avoid this scenario.
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    You could have added this nice script: https://github.com/kleampa/not-paid
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    That why i tell them all that the service is fully automated and connected to bank !
    Thus it will cut the second the invoice delay is done
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    shouldn't have played dead, you should have resent/forwarded him the whole warning mail chain with the dates when each mail was senr highlighted.

    and THEN played dead.
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    My experience is that customers don't mind being without a website, but if you mentioned that this will cause their email to stop working when the domain expires they will soon pay up.
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