Definitely ricing.
Trying wms other than i3 on Arch Linux. Looking things to customize and feel awesome eventually.

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    I used to use i3 too, but then I switched to dwm. It's enough. I'm still using dwm on my linux machine, but I don't use linux that often anymore. Most of the time it's windows and 9front
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    I have the opposite issue lol, my rice repo has been sitting on github with no substantial change in like 3 months; I likes ricing and I wanna add stuff but really there is not much I could meaningfully improve :D

    I guess I'm at that point where I should just switch wms
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    Also idk if its just me but I think I have some sort of technical debt to my rice: I could switch, but then all the hours I spent customizing my setup feel kinda wasted since I would have to start over :D
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