What is the best way of communication between frontend development team and backend team?

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    @netikras Dude. look at the question properly. It is frontend TEAM and backend TEAM.. not the technology

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    @kirodian I stand by my pun! It still fits!
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    pun: a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings.

    Here, you missed the entire word instead. Does not hold good according to the definition above.

    Badum-tiss-- badum-tiss!!
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    @kirodian umm.. Okay..? Suit yourself :)
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    Go fullstack!! No communication needed !!
    Just kidding 😋😋
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    @TheUchihaGirl Sounds good. But that is not the solution i am looking for
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    umm... Okay?
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    @kirodian look, whatever tool you are choosing it will most likely use http for data transfer [app layer]. Be it gmail, awwapp, trello, jira or whatever. My point still stands.

    You have not specified what sort of comms you need. Email/live chat/video calls/screenshare/etc. Fwiw walk to them and communicate directly.
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    @netikras Thanks for the advice. The problem i am facing is, The backend team always verbally communicates stuff with me. Which obviously i don't remember after a week. When i start consuming the web APIs, i feel that there are so many issues that needs to be fixed. Now, when i go back and tell them, they tell me they have already mentioned it. Which is not documented anywhere. I want to know how we solve this issue.
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    @kirodian is swagger not enough?

    EDIT: do you have a board, like trello or Jira already? If not - you can easily use zoho or github. I think gitkraken already has smth like that. These three are (or at least were) free to use.
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    @netikras okay. will look at them. Thanks.

    I did not get the swagger reference though.
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    @kirodian umm.. backend folks could integrate swagger into their API. It is a tool that creates an informational page about each and every registered webmethod: url, method, request params, url params, request body structure (with types), response structure (with types). It can also enable you to run those requests right on that swagger page: just fill in the webmethod form (i.e. give all the params/body) and hit [execute]. It will issue the request and send you back the response.

    It's not a communication tool per_se, but it automatically documents all the registered API methods and gives you all the required info to make those calls.

    focus on the right side. your BE folks could implement the same UI for your BE API.
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    Beides using a tool like Swagger, follow up in verbal communication with a mail, sumarizing what has been discussed, for the benefit of all
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    Not sure if actually missed @netikras joke or just being an ass 🤔
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    @Wack okay. Thanks
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    @netikras oh. Cool.. thanks. Will check that.
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    Put them in a pit, make them have a battle royale, promote the winner to god king status, invade Sparta...

    What were we talking about again?
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