Nothing worse than fixing a memory leak in NodeJs. UGH!

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    a real devRant worthy rant!
    So what happened and how?
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    Not fixing it?
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    @heyheni Its a streaming issue, we have audio data being streamed into NodeJs for some processing. I have being monitoring it with the devtools and the heap memory seems to be stable. It releases the data after a stream is over. BUT somehow, there is a native memory leak. The overall node process still keeps the memory and does not release it! :(
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    @electrineer Have to! But im lost!
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    Fix a bug in XTerm.
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    Locks, file handles, and streams, oh my!

    Monitor using internal counters - external tools will not help tracking down who holds the memory.
    Smart Money is on the audio native lib keeping its buffers alive.
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    These are the kinds of node JS rants I wanna see. Keep us updated 👌
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