If you're as bad at web design as me, I recommend tailwind css to you.

I've been using it today and had a good time.

By providing a set of design-centric classes, it makes it easy to learn and apply good design practices without losing css control.

This is paramount to me since I know a couple of css tricks, but not too many. With this you can't miss any of the fundamental ones.

It also lets you combine multiple classes into one via the @apply directive, so the html classes don't go crazy, and you don't have to write too much css. Huge amount of lines saved.

To top it off, they have plenty screenscasts that not only teach you how to use tailwindcss, they show you fundamentals good web design.

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    Tailwind is fantastic, even if you are a web designer.
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    tailwind let's you articulate your design much better than any libraries I've come across. I come from using bs for 4 years and it wasn't such a pleasant experience for me then as it was with tailwind.
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    Not a front-end dev and I just spent the last hour watching these screencasts. It's pretty interesting.

    Now to find a project to test this on. lol.
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    @Angry as with any video tutorial, I love speed modifiers. I would go as far as saying I need them.
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    @jesustricks For sure, I had some time earlier today and just watched all the screencasts in 1.5x speed.

    I have to say the tutorials were very well put.
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