Special place in hell for those who have autoplay video on their website, especially news sites

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    Not sure about the other browsers, but Firefox is now blocking autoplay videos/sounds by default. It usually works pretty well!
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    Even further down when you autoplay ads on mobile.
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    Autoplay that doesn't respect the browser's setting should be illegal. And the EU should have forced standardized cookie handling via the browser UI(just like the location requests). Would have prevented all the shitty cookie popups.

    I'm currently considering switching back to Firefox from qutebrowser, only because on Firefox I can block all this crap with a couple of plugins.
    Newsletter popups, cookie popups, autoplaying, scrolling videos drive me more insane than most ads.

    Recently I even found a site with two fucking popups at the same time where one blocked the UI of the other.
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    Ikr that's so fucking wierd. Simple html attr to fix that shit lol
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    And Fandom/Wikia

    The videos often aren't even chosen by the wiki itself it just plays
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    @Jilano I now wonder why I managed to live without that. Now I know what I want the Vivaldi folks to give me next.
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    @powerfulparadox until then, this extension could help: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/...

    If not, there are a lot of other video/audio blocker extensions.
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    @powerfulparadox Want them to give you a Firefox installer?
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    Is YT at fault too? Like isnt it the point on their website?
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    @Gregozor2121 YouTube is a dedicated video site and respects the browser's autoplay setting, so I don't have an issue with that. The problem are the countless websites that apparently focus on text based content but actively distract you from reading that content with popups, videos and enough bloat to fill a fucking black hole.
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    @Jilano Well, having all my favorite browsers available from one place would be kind of nice...
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    @powerfulparadox So, when you have Firefox inside an Electron app, who's doing the rendering? :D
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    @Jilano I said "available from one place," not "combined into a monstrosity."

    I was envisioning a convenient, "here, have Firefox, too" button that would download and launch the installer, but no, you had to make me envision an unholy amalgamation of browsers within browsers...
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    @Jilano Now that I think a bit more, definitely Electron... That monstrosity resulted from ditching Gecko.
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    Our university website also have the same fucking autoplay video. It has the worst background music ever!
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