Did it ever happened to you?
Me - Everyday..

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    Am I doing something wrong? Shitty MacBook Pro opens it quick enough but the fan is audible. Don't get the slow meme's.
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    @odite Ask windows user without ssd and medium end processor
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    @odite That's what I have never understood. "Eclipse is so slow" "IntelliJ is so slow" "<insert ide> is so slow"

    I'm running a pretty outdated i5 4570 and I never had any noticable performance problems with any IDE
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    @12bitfloat one must question what these people have on their devices 🤔
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    @12bitfloat probably never opened a massive app on intellij idea :D
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    @12bitfloat My guess is people just like to jump on the meme train and bitch about everything
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    i5 3350p and VS and Unity, no problems at all. (But i had a ssd of course.
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