So i have decided to rewrite my old project from the ground. This time propely with all the bells and whisles and the proper planning.

Before i ever could start hammering at my keyboard in VS like a monkey i have encountered a few problems:

1.I want for it to be Reeeeesponsive or whatever yeet the kids think is cool now. So winforms arent going to be cut it, i would have to manualy handle resizing of the buttons and text. So UWP or WPF are the only choice.

2.I want it to be multiplatform. Some users might want to use it on windowsnt so i have to be prepared. Options: Winforms or .netcore without gui......

3.Licence - I want to allow people to use it but i always want them to know who the author is. That app wont get that much attention so allowing people only to use it is the safest option.

I wish there was a easier way...
Still i love C#

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    Would a web-based application with docker be an option
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    Go WEB based.

    If not : UWP is dead (No longer supported by Microsoft)

    WPF is kinda ok
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    Nah don't have to go web based, WPF is fine. crosplatform is possible with mono as well (though I don't like it that much on Linux). Try to keep your interface as sperate from business logic as possible. Than you can easily provide multiple interfaces like CLI (could be first interface during Dev) or web later.
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    @alexbrooklyn @NoToJavaScript
    1.Im not a web dev.
    2.How would i host it?
    4.Performance of electron (and similar desktop/wep) apps is so shit i dont want to look at it.
    8.I use C# because this is the launguage i know the best. (i know that it can do web but i only have experience in desktop)

    Anyway i went with winforms. WFP is shit, good old winforms.

    @hjk101 Unfourtanetly no console because the main point of it is that GUI interface would be faster and easier. I want that app to help noobs too that dont know how to use console.
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    1. That is why I said don't have to go that route. So don't!
    2. That is a separate issue. NuGets for Windows? Github? Appstore?
    4. Agreed. Electron is for webdevs that want to go native and load half a browser with every app made with it.
    8. See 1. but I disagree with WFP being shit. It helps with septation of concerns and makes it easier to run interface async from business logic (preventing unresponsive interfaces when a tasks runs). However it's your project your rules. I'm not stopping you from using winforms.

    I'm trying to point out that your app should be designed interface agnostic. Not that you should ship a command line interface. I usually start out building a simple CLI (sometimes takes just a json or xml file) and than a library that does the actual work. Now I have most of the API and a working testable concept. Last 2 steps are drag and dropping an graphical interface together finished off by connecting it trough API calls to the lib.
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    Since you like C#, might be worth checking out https://avaloniaui.net/.

    Flutter (https://flutter.dev/) desktop is currently in early versions, uses a different language (Dart) but looks super cool. However, only debug desktop builds are currently available, so the cpu usage is rather high.
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