So I titan Lannister, first of my name, a 21 yr old only child of super extra over protective middle class parents; with 0 social interaction and level 1000 introvert geeky nature, has made up my mind and gathered courage to go on a 3 day event in another state , with no known persons there or by my side, completely on my own.

I am excited as well as hell of scared. I always wanted to teavel places and meet people, but don't had courage to talk to even my coworker girl on the opposite table, leave alone meeting ppl or going out.

Please share your first time alone journey stories , or anything else that i should be aware of

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    I did something similar when I was younger. Hadn't really travelled before and I crossed the country to meet a friend.
    Just like you, I was scared but also proud of myself for gathering up the courage to do so. Keep in mind that there'll probably be some hiccups along the way, be it delays with your train/plane, etc.

    Try to keep calm and be wary of your surrounding and stuff (would be a shame to lose half of your clothes somewhere!).
    If it helps, don't hesitate to plan things beforehand, but be flexible in case it changes.

    All in all, it'll be okay!

    PS: Don't hesitate to ask people if you're lost or looking for something. There is no shame in that.
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    In France, we have a saying that "Travel shapes youth". Get yourself out there, see some new stuff. Have fun at your event and hopefully many more to come 😀
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    You'll be fine with common sense on your side! As @Jilano said, try to keep your cool. Things should go well if you don't freak out too much, and just focus on enjoying the event. Maybe, you might meet people similar to you!

    Good luck.
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    I remember the first time I went abroad, completely on my own, for a one-week summer camp when I was 17. It was the most liberating experience of my life, and I still remember it fondly.

    No people who already knew me, and no people I'd probably ever see again.
    So as I got there, I thought: why should I hold myself back? This is the best chance I will ever get to be completely, unapologetically, my true self.
    It was the best week ever. I was confident, I was fun, I was interesting and shared experiences and stories with others. I ruled.
    And turns out, when you're truly enjoying yourself, people tend to pick up on that. And they like it. And it ends up being a positive feedback loop.

    Mind you, you should not go out of control - that's never a good idea.
    But you are given a great opportunity: you can shape the way other people will percieve you from now on, and they will hold you to that.
    So go out there and show them who you want to be: your true best self.
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    Thank you everyone for your motivational thoughts.
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    Question for everyone: if your event timings are till afternoon for each day , what would you do afterwards?
    - Stay in hotel room or
    - loosen your balls and go straight alone in the streets of that completely unknown place which could be either super dangerous or super awesome?
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    @endor did that "no people who already knew me, no people I'd probably ever see again" helped you being so confident and wild?
    Because i just read your comment , and i was like damn i wanna be like this guy.

    I can imagine you go full confident and wild, unafraid of doing things, not having doubts or second thoughts on something,...etc because that was exactly my approach to college's freshman year. It went fine for a while but later turned me into who i am today, but that's a story for another time.

    Anyways my point is that the people i will be meeting there are the people that i actually want to meet again and remember me, coz they might be useful for my career. Any tips for making a long lasting impression haha 😅
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    For your first question: isn't there anything to visit/see nearby?

    As for the second: You'd be surprised how confident one might become when not surrounded by parents and the likes. When you can't rely immediately on the persons you've known all your life, your way if thinking will be different.
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    @TitanLannister yep, the fact that I was in a completely unknown environment was the very reason I had that thought.
    Until then, I had kind of become a stereotypical character, pigeonholed by my classmates' expectations. Every time I'd try to change or do something different/unusual for them, they'd be weirded out at best, and I was too afraid of their judgment to push the boundaries they had set for me.

    After that week, I became much more confident in myself and my own choices - so much, that even my classmates eventually came around to it. I stopped being afraid.

    Also, massive +1 to what @Jilano said: when you're completely on your own, your way of thinking and acting changes. And you can become fully in control of that change - you just have to realize it and act upon it.
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    As I said earlier though, don't mistake confidence for lack of consequence: there will always be consequences to your actions, good and bad. But this time you won't have some of the artificial boundaries that have been holding you down, so you will have more freedom to explore your character on your own without shutting yourself down by anticipating someone's judgement.

    Oh, right: don't try anticipating other people's judgement before you even do something. (Unless you're doing something blatantly bad/stupid)

    And don't waste time sitting in your hotel, no good opportunity will come your way. The only way to tame the fear of the unknown is to explore it, one step at a time.
    So go out, talk to people, socialize, see the world, and enjoy! And if you're too afraid of something that's ok too - you can always come back tomorrow and try again. But don't stop trying.

    If you manage to do that, I'm sure you'll get the attention of at least a few interesting people.
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    Update: my journey was awesome! I wrote a great deal about it here : https://reddit.com/r/solotravel/...
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