Why the hell every IT/CS professor teach pattern codes like pyramid, star and many weird kind of designs to do on console? just why? Why don't teach basic implementation Problems which are really going to ask for SDE jobs in most of the companies.

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    Because, they are teaching you to problem solve, not deal explicit tech.
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    I see nothing wrong with this. It's a constrained but non-trivial (if you're just starting out) problem that doesn't rely on any GUI frameworks or web calls. I often used to set these sorts of tasks for that very reason. Whether it's something you'll do in the "real world" is irrelevant.
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    @C0D4 i agree by doing this they learn how to solve a problem but problems of pattern don't require any asymptotic optimisation they are just plain for, if and basic math.
    I think after teaching language syntax they should teach how to solve problem optimally ex: sliding window can be solved with brute force but is bad choice. Students used to do pattern use for Loop carelessly. What do you think?
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    @-pthread it's still a form of basic problem solving and basic math which should be using loops anyway (example: Christmas tree / star designs)

    It also helps weed out those who aren't good problem solvers in general.

    From there jumping up to some complex math problems and animations, and so on.

    But this all evolves overtime given its meant to be basics to begin with in anyway.

    Once your over the basics and have an understanding of conditionals and loops then move up to harder issues that coincide with real world implementations.
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    What makes think pyramid and stsrs aren't real-life problems? What if a client comes to you and says "I have a pyramid problem, can you help me with it?" ? What will you say? "it's not a real problem"? "sorry, they did not teach us how to solve it"?

    Now you can confidently say "yes, I know how to solve a pyramid problem! Give it to me"

    /jk ofc :)
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    @-pthread You probably will have the subject "Algorithms and data structure" where it is about effective sorting, search, binary trees, etc. in the future during your studies.

    Maybe that is what you thing about?
    Anyway, many students probably do not have any idea how to solve a problem programmatically whatsoever. Such "create a pattern" exercises are quite for teaching it.
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    @sbiewald i know about dsa but i am talking about teaching basic implementation rather than teaching pattern. Basic implementation don't rely on dsa.
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    Why don't sports coaches spend all their time teaching only the specific things you do on the field?

    Why bother with pull ups, push ups, running and dieting?

    The training is to get you used to certain thinking patterns. If schools only taught exactly what you'd use in industry, no one would learn anything.
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