I have Dell latitude 3379 with on-board graphic card
Do you think it's enough for training ANN and doing a small ML project or I must improve it to laptop with Nvidia graphic card?

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    Just let it run overnight for training, i used a raspberry for ai and it wasnt terribly slow
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    Integrated GPUs would be trash for various reasons, but for smaller networks you can just use your CPU. As long as you don't expect to train something like a ResNet or a huge LSTM/GRU net on it you should be cool. Simple fully connected layers or even basic conv or recurrent layers should be OK.

    Do note that training is very, very heavy on the CPU and it will probably make your OS basically unresponsive.
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    you could rent a cloud machine learning machine. https://www.paperspace.com/ml
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    Thanks :)
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    You can work on Google colab
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