When your half asleep coding

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    1700th repost, homie. welcome.
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    Well that's what you get for having shit habits.

    Save it every few minutes.
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    I think I have a phobia of unsaved code, if I accidentally click that space bar and then remove the extra space I added, you bet your ass I am spamming that CTRL + C a hundred or so times 😂😂
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    @torbuntu well yes 😂😂 fucked that up
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    I just use an editor with autosave. Most editors from this century have this feature.
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    I used to do this kind of shit back in the 90s before undo was really a thing, but now, you get what you deserve if you don't save frequently
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    Why the. FUCK. Is this tagged C#
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    @arcsector because i was coding in c# when my pc died
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