So my phone is currently in the service center. I am using company test device to get by.

Software tester consultant at work brought home the iPhone test device that I wanted to use. It's been gone for a few days.

One day he returned it to the office and then it's my turn to use it. Peeked at iMessage. Turns out he gave this to his wife/gf/whatever.

A message thread reads:
Gf: Are you hanging out with devs?
Bitch QA: No, would never hang out with people under me.
Bith gf: as should be

I am not under you dick. I'm the project lead, you are under me. it's just that I help devs so I dev too.

I won't let you stay long in this company bitch with the way you think of devs. You are a tester, you work for devs bitch.

I remember that quote, you can judge a man not by how he treats his colleagues but by how he treats those below him.

And bitch I am judging you to be dick. You won't get what you want here, you won't abuse devs.

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    Anyone who leaves personal stuff on a phone like that should be dismissed for incompetency
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    Some people are unfit for working with humans. He's a prime example.
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    Been watching some breaking bad? Not sure anyone outside of Jesse uses the word bitch that much
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    @torpkev not really but bitch is a direct translation of 'puta' in my native tongue
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    @peenoise no, it is really not. I empathize with your work situation and I know you have a greater grasp than me of your language but trust me many people have a better grasp of English than you do.
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    Seeing each other as "under" is wrong in every job and environment.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon For me it doesnt really matter if a person is “under” me. I treat them as equals. Except when you’re a dick.
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    @peenoise That's absolutely fine with me, and yes he is an asshole
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    ++ update OP?
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