I've been inspired by cpg grey (I think that's the name), mainly his 10 tips on how to be miserable, to write a blog or some kind of post explaining the 8 things you need to do if you hate your coworkers and want your codebase to go to shit.

So it'll be like a anti-SOLID, anti-pattern type of blog promoting every code smell imaginable

I feel like 8 tips to fuck up your codebase (php perhaps) might he more memorable than actual helpful advise. I'm sure that this has been done before, but I was wondering:

Do you think this would be effective? Would it help people understand why not to do the 8 tips? Does this reverse psychology work?

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    Showing people common errors is a thing as well. You just have found a different name for that.
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    You can depict it as a standard / pattern itself.
    Which would help devloppers flag inappropriate techniques used by that company or imposed by management.

    It would be:
    "This company is 'alexbrooklyn-defined avoid-pattern' #00X suppliant." or
    "We're proud to welcome new management technique 'alexbrooklyn-defined avoid-pattern' #00X as company standard."

    And it's gonna be a success, because they love CoC and being bent over.
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    Do you have a link?
    That would be a fun read (knowing it's fiction)
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