Expected this from many, not from Google ahah

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    Why you hidden the content (actual links that got flagged) ?
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    Considering anti virus software nowadays already confuses a simple compiled hello world program or Java class files as malware this does not surprise me in the least.

    Malware detection is thoroughly garbage and it only gets worse.
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    Related rant in German: https://blog.fefe.de/?ts=a34b52af

    tl;dr: Guy published software using a compression algorithm that was also used by malware once, the whole domain got flagged as malicious by Google.
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    @zvyn An excellent example of why we could have nice things if people didn't decide that the simplest algorithm (used by known malware, in this case) was the best default. Sadly, there's often very little incentive for doing things correctly when it's faster and cheaper to do them the quickest way possible (and it's other people's revenue at stake).
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    @zemaitis It was just google news, my CEO has some stuff on Google Alerts for recently funded companies so he keeps updated in a way, one of those seems to be flagged by Google as malicious but still recommended for us to read ... :shrug:
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    @zvyn That's just painful, hope it worked out after all
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    @powerfulparadox I remember one of my first programming classes and my teacher just told us that anti-virus companies develop viruses against competition... "yo wtf"
    But yeah, I think it's always bad that people go by default with the big ones who usually have their own interests
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    @zemaitis plus, the email itself doesn't contain links, or at least they removed the a tag , so even the blue part was not linked to any website... I could only see the titles and a snippet...
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    @rui902 I meant that people choose to block as widely as possible rather than doing more careful analysis, but that's a good point, too.
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