I know Google isn't the worst company in the world. But some of their data tracking just seems a bit odd. Such as keeping audio logs each time you use Google on your phone. Or when it picks up random bits of conversation. Along with them keeping track of where your going, and where you have been. Even if Google maps isn't running.

And one of my all time favorites is when Google Allo was a thing, it used to have access to my camera randomly without actually opening the app. My phone will tell me different logs each time Allo opened the camera without my permission.

I know they need to collect data in order to advance some of their fields of tech. But it just seems a bit intrusive when companies like Google do this.

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    "I know Google isn't the worst company"

    Shit is still shit. Abuse of power is still abuse of power. Lies are still lies.

    They're a garbage company.
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    Collecting data to improve their products might have been a priority back in the day, but it's definitely been "making money" for some time.
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    They work in selling advertisements, nothing changed there. Everything they do is to maximize profits. However that also allows them to provide us these services for free, like Drive, and Gmail, Online docs, Android, whatever you can think of. There's either a free or paid alternative to all of those, but google gives it out in one neat package with an up-to-date ecosystem. So at least you're possibly getting a lot of value for your data in that sense
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    @Hazarth When your pay with your data and privacy, it's not free. You're just paying with another currency then money.
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    @linuxxx that's exactly the point I was trying to make. It's value for value in the end. The only question is what's the "exchange rate" here
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    I find it funny when I open my google location history and it says "only you can see it" 😂
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    @cafecortado lmao as if they aren't taking peaks and the people they Are selling the info to.
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    @pk76 there was a point where I wanted to work for them because the pay and security of the job seemed good. But I cannot work for a company that abuses people's data and sense of security/privacy so they can make easy money.
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    @Jilano I've been trying to see it as them using the data for a means of service and research. But long gone are the days of search services and algorithm creation for the sake of making a better ai and system. It really is nothing but just taking data and selling it.
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    @Hazarth I've slowly been making a shift of changing what I used to use to something different. Instead of Gmail I've opted into proton mail. Instead of a standard browser like chrome, I've done either tor or firefox. Along with proton VPN running when ever I could. I may have to pay a pretty penny for it, but I much rather that than have my data being used for profit.
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    @Hazarth it's bad. They've gotten in trouble numerous times for advertising a special variation of their business services for health care and then selling off the data. Protected data.
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    Fun fact, before I flashed Lineage on my phone, Google Play Services requested my coarse location around 7000 - 7500 times, and my fine location about 6000 - 7500 times, if I remember correctly. That was obscene to see. At the very least, 13,000 times. I hardly use Maps.
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    @gudishvibes Now that's an obscene amount of times to be requesting someone's location data. It really makes you wonder how that kinda data would even be used for advertising.
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