The best happened today.

These past 2 weeks have been shit. People wronged me big time, got thrown under the bus for shit that the people behind refused to own up to it. Took that shit because I just couldn't be bothered to fucking argue.

I'm the only dev on this project and we're so close to release so I bit my tongue and took it on the chin but it's been eating me alive since then.

The tipping point was yesterday. 5 people failed to communicate shit properly amongst themselves on all channels got me forced to be the last one finishing work yesterday 4 hours after everyone left. I had every right to refuse and leave on time but again, we're so close to release and I don't want to see this project fail.

But see, I got angry. So fucking angry that nothing else has been on my mind since yesterday.

I don't take out my anger at others, that's not who I am (moslty) so today I was at work and secluded myself from everyone else otherwise I would've exploded in someone's face.

I was also supposed to meet up with friends tonight but with all this shit going on I decided not to go because I would not have been fun to be around.

Left work on time today, fell asleep on the train because I am too exhausted.

When I was about to walk into my house I noticed this little super cute puppy following me. I had no idea where or how long he's been behind me as I was walking home but he seemed way too happy when I saw him. His tail wagging like he's excited to see me even though I have never seen him. I petted him, played a bit with him. He seemed to be the happiest dog ever 😁. He managed to put a smile on my face for the first time in the last few days.

He then ran away.. I guess he got bored 😅

I am feeling so much better now all because of this little puppy 🐶. I'm so glad I ran into him because I've been smiling since then.

I wish I had took a picture of him 😥

Doggo, you probably won't read this, but thanks mate you made my month in those few minutes 🤘

If you have a dog, go pet him and appreciate how much happiness they bring in your life. If you have a cat.. Uhh I don't know... Uhh pray it doesn't kill you in your sleep I guess?

Thanks for reading

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    Stop wasting your time and health stressing about work. It's just a job.

    Focus on living, the couple of seconds we are on this earth shouldn't be wasted on worrying about software release.
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    I'm glad you were given something to cheer you up. That said, you gain nothing (and nothing changes) if you just keep sucking it up. If you depend on other people to be able to do your job properly, then you have a right to encourage them to improve when necessary. Make sure the conversations are private and not when you're angry. They might not realize the impact of what they do.

    From what you said, it sounds like communication is a major part of the problem. Is there any way that you could get some higher-ups to understand the severity of the problem and perhaps invest in some education on the basics of good communication? If five different people are miscommunicating at once the time lost can't only be affecting you, and a reasonable manager/executive would want to encourage improvement if they understood what was happening.

    If nothing works, it might be time to look for another job. If you're going to keep bottling your anger up like that you're going to have bigger problems.
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    @kfalencik work is ok and not too stressed about it. Yeah, deadline is this week and I got things back in order and in good position to go live with it so I'm happy with that. You're right, health is much more important but I've got a weight to carry everyday, other shit that's also been on my mind isn't making day to day life any easy. I decided to burry myself in work and now i see that's a mistake.

    @powerfulparadox yes, communication fell apart after the PM made a series or small mistakes that lead to a massive mistake with the client and decided to throw me under the bus then argued how it was my fault not theirs. I tried explaining what they did wrong but realized they didn't actually care and i told them there was no point in arguing now that I've fixed the problem anyways.

    I really like this company and everyone has been great since day 0. This is the first time things fall apart like this on a project.
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