The days are long right now. The company portal, that I built, is being rebuilt now that we have decided it needs to be responsively designed.

I always knew there would come times in my career, if I leant towards the front end, that periods of time would be taken up with HTML/CSS.

I just didn’t appreciate how soul sucking it can be when you are adjusting margins for 8hrs a day for a few weeks. And how much that is compounded by people changing their minds on things that cascade throughout an increasingly complex system of media queries...how you can spend ages tweaking something only to find it breaks on an another screen size...

The love I found in coding...it is not here...

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    @Mr-Myrk We are using a Vue component framework called Quasar. It has many bootstrap like features. They work great until they don’t, and then you are scanning 30 layers of divs trying to work out what is interfering with what...
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    @rickh eww, javascript :(
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    Just be happy that you get to do at least that I spent weeks discussing regulations with people and writing documents about that.
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    @Pickman ok well that is particularly gross.
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    Can you implement a design system? At my old company they used node to import have a core styles. It was a lot of work to create but made changes very easy.

    I never worked in it but it was pretty cool as well as common in big firms.
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    Its cuz your doing it wrong.
    But don’t worry, pretty much anybody is doing it wrong!

    I‘m using 4 media queries and I have never needed more. actually I do, but these are the 1% of the 1% of weird application states.

    Like, moving something 3 px down for only an iPhone 6s landscape mode.
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