Say no to hiring Nick Burns.

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    Strange comment about the smart phone with no apps. Maybe they're upset that Nick Burns was probably not willing to install their shitty app on his personal phone.
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    @bahua That phone with no apps comment stuck out when I read it, too.
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    1-tap whatever must be Bullshit
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    No corporate culture = total chaos, no punch clock = lots of unpaid overtime.
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    @Fast-Nop My every experience with corporate has been chaos. It's always a giant mess.

    You're right about the unpaid overtime though. 😕
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    Is it possible to have a smartphone without apps on it? Even the settings app is an app.

    If someone has a smartphone without apps I would love to meet them. No calling, no texting etc.
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    How do they define cushy? To me that just means I’m comfortable, especially financially speaking. I also think of dank weed
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    He just got burned lol
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    If anyone wants to read the full job posting

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    Why do those look like red flags to me. Shouldn't every job we apply for be a stepping stone to the next thing?

    I'm also a little nervous that waiting for direction got a call out. It's one thing to look for someone who takes initiative, but sometimes this one can come across as "we're going to under-communicate our expectations of you and want you to be cool with being held accountable anyway".
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    Experience not 100% required.
    Must know everything right away.
    Must put in crazy hours with a smile.
    Must prostrate yourself to management, with a smile.
    Must work in a church.
    No working from home.
    Earn slightly more than a restaurant server.

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