This was posted by the largest German railway company "Deutsche Bahn". Rough translation: "Today's quiz photo shows modern fiber optic networks as part of our control center components - who knows what their purpose is?"

That explains a lot. Someone should tell them.

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    I guess they pull on the fibre cables to lower and raise the mechanical semaphores for the train signals.
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    Fiber over copper, this is Deutsche Bahn 😂
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    @Sumafu some cutting-edge technology right there, as always ;) #Neuland
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    I didn't think RJ-45 is used with optical fiber
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    Is it optical fibre tho?
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    The question reads differently though if you remove the comma after "Wer weiß", then it sort of sounds like they're asking the reader. That's still weird though. Lmao. Why would you ask such a question?
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    Someone is using Facebook
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