Soo It is known, that seeing things from your past makes you remember distant memories, feelings, smells etc.

For example, if you play a song on repeat for a week, and then don’t play that song a few years, and then play that song you will then remember in detail the week, that is now associated with the song.

Sooooo does a service exist that allows you to watch past tv shows, in their original time slot, day etc.

I know a lot of streaming services have the whole old shows thing but non like i describe.

I remember growing up in the 90s, and early 2000s every day before school watching the kids game shows, before the news turned on or vise versa.. but it was a solid routine same shows, same times etc.. then on the weekends or after school the same thing...

Sooo if there was a way to stream the original scheduled programming for any given date, and channel that would be awesome, and it may even lead you to understand certain things, make new connections connecting the present to the past etc...

Just late night thoughts

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    I highly doubt it.
    You could just stream or find alternative methods to watch the episodes at their allotted times, but you won't have the relevant ad's of the time.
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    ­čÄÁSometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young

    How come I'm never able to identify what it's coming from ­čÄÁ
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    Imagine all the storage space needed. Just like we had the year 2000 as a starting point, it's now almost 20 years ago. Add the 90s too and it's 30. At least it doesn't need to be in 4K...
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    @alexbrooklyn maybe the original place was while inside the womb :3
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    @cursee Odd lyrics but OK
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