I currently have to finish some intermediate report for a big international research project which my CEO forced us into because of the incentives. But he doesn't care for any of the research and just want to get the money.
Due to my inexperience I promised some things for this project, which now prove to be untenable. And now I realize all this and I get to deal with small anxiety attacks (especially today).
I just want to say "fuck you all" and go, but this no real option for me. That makes me totally exhausted, especially because it feels like a personal failure. :/

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    One of roles of dev team is to go and make money with government aids/tax returns.
    Nothing wrong with that
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    I suggest you just tell your boss and deal with the fallout. Your conscience will be clean afterwards. And your bosses job is to deal with those situations, he might maybe even have some ideas to help you. If it was your job to take all the blame then what would your boss be there for?
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