Can anyone tell me how I can integrate Mongo DB with golang?

I found go-bongo, but it's not well documented.

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    here's the official driver my mongo

    I just used github search.

    where you lookong for an ORM instead?
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    Just tag your objects fields with bson.
    Also - golang has no generics, and is hard typed as well. Have fun!
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    @jesustricks The driver makes it painful for development, ORM would be better.
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    @cbsa yeah, it seems there's not a lot of pkgs in that area.

    that is usually my experience with go, little amount of packages, or the packages that do exist have a very specific readme file.
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    @cbsa I think the problem here is that you are trying to develop with it in a non idiomatic way.

    Go without orm is lovely for me. No magic.

    Although, if u want to do it anyway, go gorm
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