Micrsoft seriousely WTF!!!!!

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    You asked CLI from Microsoft, you got it. Same shit in Linux with 1000+ characters commands to do something.
    And yes, it’s insane and (for example) office 365 admin via PowerShell is exhausting.
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    @NoToJavaScript unfortunately I know :-(

    I have to deal daily with automating your an insane level O365 stuff... not much SP up to now... and now I miss Linux more than ever!!!!
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    @PsCustomObject Well, next you should try to download your SSL certificate from Azure Vault. THAT was a “fun” activity.
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    @NoToJavaScript why did you say that? Now I gotta try this.. and already know I will regret it!
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    @NoToJavaScript It's possible though very rare.

    netikras@netikras-xps:~$ ls /proc/ | grep -E '^[0-9]+$' | while read pid ; do [ -f "/proc/${pid}/cmdline" ] || continue; read cmd </proc/${pid}/comm; read cmdline </proc/${pid}/cmdline; printf "%s[${pid}] %d\n" "${cmd}" "${#cmdline}" ; done | sort -nrk2 | column -t | head;
    java[5523] 1193
    gitkraken[32729] 776
    gitkraken[27560] 658
    java[16398] 537
    chrome[9500] 523
    chrome[9510] 522
    chrome[9749] 502
    chrome[10089] 502
    chrome[3459] 501
    chrome[3445] 501

    and it's VERY unlikely to have param names even least half that long in Linux/UNIX shell commands. Excl. java ofc.
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    Did you know you can use the shortest name uniquely identifying the parameter?

    E.g. if you have a Cmdlet with the parameters -VeryLongParameter and -VShort, you should be able to call it with -Ve and -VS.
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    @sbiewald yep usually I write my own modules and (ab)use aliases and wildcard expansion but yet this...
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    Aliases to the rescue?
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    @asgs -WhenYouHaveAParameterWithAMeaningfulNameButTooManyCharactersYes
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    Isn't this one of the tenets of clean code? Meaningful names?
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    @JustThat hardly a rule for UNIX and Linux :)
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    @PsCustomObject I like your name
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    @granola which tells a lot where I am spending my time ;-)

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