anyone discuss about the "yarn" new js package manager by facebook?

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    no not another 😰
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    btw i agree that npm is a slow
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    @apsa yeah that was my reaction when i first saw it.

    finally built a perfect scaffolding tool with npm scripts and ~BAM~ a new package manager shows up and i'm not cool anymore 😂

    good luck surviving this volatile javascript world!
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    @zorig update it to v3 or use dedupe option.
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    so it said "Yarn also aims to ensure quicker and more reliable installs by caching every package it downloads and by parallelizing operations." definitely shoud give it a try
    npm install -g yarn
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    @orijin i'm using v3.10.3 though, still think it's slow, indeed this is tremendous JS world. So yeah, i think yarn just show some difference to install package
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    @zorig well why above is so difficult to implement/ enhance in existing system. afaik caching exists, parallel dowloads should not be technically challenging, why another
    I will ignore it for now. do suggest if it has something unique to offer.
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    @apsa from what i've seen the pitch sais the caching and flattened dependencies are the main things.

    npm3 does flattened dependency trees by default and the caching thing actually works against it.

    i prefer the intial install a bit longer than spending my ssd disk space for cached modules.

    i think i'll ignore it for now too
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    Absolutely brilliant. Started using it earlier today and have taken in love, the download speed of all new modules are about 8-10x faster than npm. Highly suggest it.
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