So, unlike normal people who just click on an mp3 file in windows explorer, I'm listening to music saved on my windows hard drive, accessed via an sshfs mount, using VLC running inside a HyperV linux VM and Xming/pulseaudio to make it show up inside windows like a normal window and play sound.
Why? Because this is my replacement for WSL which broke (Good Job on the updates as always, M$) and I'm celebrating that I got everything* to work.

* Nevermind the hours I wasted because I forgot to add a rule to the windows firewall allowing pulseaudio to connect and the fact that Xming can't handle vlc playing video

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    Normal people use Spotify but okay
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    @12bitfloat Some of us still like to feel like we own our own music files, at least at times.
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    It's odd. My 200GB music collection used to be my most valued data. Still got it, for nostalgy reasons, but I haven't touched it in years, thanks to Spotify and YouTube.

    If I want to own music I go the snob way nowadays - vinyl baby.
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    Story time !
    Couple of years ago there was a streaming service called Songza. Their “thing” was generated playlists based on artist name. (So you enter Nightwish, you’ll have music from Nightwish and all other artists system consider “matching”)

    Songza was bought by Google, BUT ! Even today the original functionality is kept in Google play music. AND adblock is working !

    So I still use this service and without ads.
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    @powerfulparadox Specially when you want to listen FLAC
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    @NoToJavaScript wait, songza functionality is included in Google play music now? I assumed they killed the whole project. I loved songza before Google bought them out so I'm definitely going to give it a try.
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    @EmberQuill They call it “radios” now. It’s a bit less “random” tho and sometimes songs repeats 😊
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