A SW developer commiting an executable in his source repository, is an idiot.
A HW developer doing the same, is a wise man.

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    I don't get it. Please explain.
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    I'll say it again, committing executables is a bad idea. Putting executables in zip files and uploading them as releases is a great idea. It's literally 1 extra step, people. Figure it out.
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    @gronostaj Hardware developers have to deal with weird compiler toolchains that will fail compiling your code after a very minor change (adding a comment for example) for some weird reason so this is standard practice apparently to keep the compiled bits stored somewhere with the code.
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    @arcsector I agree, but hardware developers deal with different set of issues that warrant them storing the compiled bits in git.
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    I sometimes do it, when I have dependencies, which are executables, but not downloadable via a package manager or similar, and I have to use them for CI...
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    But what if I want to create an executable job on kubes in a repo? With CI etc?
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