When I wasn’t the lead yet there are so many things I want to do and improve. I have asked and judged my lead’s choices a thousand times for choosing the easy and fast way instead of the right way.

Now that he left and his role was given to me, I can now sense the same judgements from my members to the decisions I make (or not make).
I now understand. We don’t always have the luxury of time. If I say yes to improving everything at once then our app will never be done. (That our bosses will blame me for)

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    Truth truth truth.
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    I'm not the lead yet. But I have so many disagreements with my lead and it's not even funny.
    Instead of argument over "quick & dirty" vs "nice and tidy", the most I have is "Why tf do you want to do that???" So I hope it's different.
    And no, I wouldn't want to be the lead even if you tell me I can get paid more (you know it's never gonna be enough).
    I'd rather I fetch a new job and get the hell out of here.
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    @ctrl-alt-del i used to say I will never be a lead!! But I started wanting to be one because I want to do so many things. As it turns out the process is slow and I still haven’t done some of those. 👀
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    The truth has being spoken
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