So I tried to set up Google AdSense on my website to show ads and earn some $... Next day AdSense console tells me that they've found "Adult: Sexual content" on my site. Like, WTF? There was nothing of such sort.

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    Are you political at all?
    Not the site. You.
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    @Root In my humble life of a cat i strive to keep my involvement in matters of political nature to bare minimum; I keep my political opinions to myself in hope of avoiding being banned or disappointed
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    @hinst Then it's probably a misclick or a confused ML algo!
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    I'm banned for "no reason specified"
    Yea, when google don't want to play, the ball is in their court.
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    Maybe your domain was a porn site back in the day? Lol
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    Ditch AdSense and use Facebook ads instead.

    I used AdSense in my app and the CTC was horrible, still after grinding for 6 months or so I finally collected 100$ (minimum withdraw limit) and Google banned me for "No specified reason" !!!

    Since then I have been using FB ads in my apps and they work great.
    At least I have got some money from them.
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    @YuganshT79 *specifically blocks everything from Google and Facebook* - are these kind of people not an issue in this case?
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    @YuganshT79 But at what cost?

    @C0D4 I see plenty of reasons to ban you...!
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