Here is my day.
1. Mac wanted to perform an update.
2. I said Okay, Do it.
3. It took sometime, I thought WTF let's force reboot.
4. Shit happened. I am unable to boot as install is corrupted.
5. Reinstalled a fresh copy. I didn't have a backup.
6. Realised that my two days of work is gone since I haven't pushed the code to github.
7. Found out that I made a docker image with all of the latest changes.
8. Now trying to decompile and rewrite the code from the jar in docker image.

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    In cases like that I wish I could set up intelliJ to commit and push "autosave" sort of commits periodically...
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    It's really fun to read the compiled code and rewrite Kotlin code from it.
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    @BlueSky are you parsing bytecode? Wouldn't it be easier to decompile those classes to at least java?
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    @netikras Definitely not bytecode. I am decompiling from the generated Java code.
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    There's no reason not to push at the end of the day.
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    Y'all are missing the point of the rant which is "๐ŸŽApple sux ballz", am I right?๐Ÿค”
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    "Took some time" Yo this might mean that you should not fucking stop it. There's a reason those things like to tell you "don't turn off your PC"
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    @kescherRant Let's say I was bit over enthusiastic and stupid ๐Ÿ™„
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    I reminds me the first time I installed a custom rom on my phone.

    During the installation, the phone booted up (or something like that, I really do not remember the detailed) and it was stuck on loading screen for 10~15 minutes. I was freaking out already when it suddenly finished booting and everything just worked.
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