Since my last update, I got a new screen. We reorganised the office, so I got a new spot in the office (corner with no one behind me). Got a monitor stand.

I’m costing the Norwegian people so much. All this stuff I request, is financed by the tax kroner.

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    Yeah, that's nice :) Those headphones paid by the company/gov as well? And what ones are they?
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    Ok... It's nice and all but that mouse....

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    @potata still better than Apple mice
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    I will gladly help you get a new mouse via taxes, dat shit's not okay

    also, ur welcome
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    Also, that desk is a real communal/state worker worn down 70's piece of shit. Our tax monies should upgrade that as well.
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    Holy shit
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    Where you first sitting a table to the front and against the left wall?

    I remember seeing a similar office from that side.
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    @electrineer I didn't really meant to say that it's ugly but it stands out :) Like... It may be comfortable and all but damn... It just doesn't fit here :D
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    Love the duck ! 😉
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    @ScriptCoded ofc they are. The only thing I got myself, was the eGPU (because I had a spare at home, and the 3D printed phone stand)

    @potata @theuser What's wrong with the mouse? Good old Microsoft X03-53717 mouse (it's not really connected, just used it for show, got a Logitech MX Master 2S)

    @theuser haha, I think the photo gives it a worse look than it really is. It's a corner desk with hydraulic legs. Edges are a bit torn, but some sandpaper fixed it. It's from ~2006

    @dder the duck is important. I was unsure to use the duck or the stressball up there. I chose the duck. The stressball is hiding behind my screens.

    @Codex404 if you view my profile, 3rd newest post is from earlier this year, 1 less screen, 4m left to where I'm sitting right now. I had my back and leftside against the open area in the landscape. Now I got a WWII submarine bunker behind me, and a wall of screens in front.
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    @Puroguramingu the laptop is fine. My preference, and all the other devs here. The mouse was put up for show, I really use a MX Master 2S or the trackpad.
    Table itself is fine, the angle makes it look huge, attached another photo from a better angle, and not used 0.5x zoom, pre cleanup.

    We are working on changing the lighting, got horrid fluorescent lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling, working with an interior architect to find better ones, perhaps just above the desk, and it has to be individually controlled (as us light shy can dim it).
    Plus we're working on getting blinds for the windows, previous manager for property didn't see the point, she was close to a twig in her head. She came for a visit on a cloudy afternoon, during the winter, and as @theuser probably can vouch for, northern parts of Norway during winter, doesn't get much light.

    And as it being gov. Everything. Takes. Time.
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    How did you connect 3 screens to the Mac ?
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    @Teknas if you see under the left and middle monitor, there's an eGPU. That's how I can do this magic. The mac is also powered by it (or the Thunderbolt3 dock, depends on which I connect first).

    It relieves the mac quite a lot, because it doesn't have to power 3 external monitors, only the internal one.

    But the mac itself can run 4 external monitors iirc. Just have to use a dongle on each side (2 monitors per TB3 bus), and the lid closed. At least 3, I know that, as that's the setup my colleague is using.
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