The new CTO promised us better coffee in his introduction meeting. Honestly felt pretty trivial and part of his used car salesman pitch to us.

A month goes buy and he replaces our shitty drip Starbucks breakfast blend coffee with ... Starbucks coffee machines. I shit you not these things have touch screens on them. So I tried two cups of each bean type and ... this stuff is really really bad. It's literally worse than the drip brew. It's so fucking terrible I have trouble finishing a cup.

God damn it!

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    The most advanced machine in the world can’t make shit coffee good
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    Starbucks coffee is so bad. I can drink Dunkin coffee black, but for Starbucks I need three sugars and enough milk to turn it beige, just so I can choke it down.
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    We have something similar, is it the pods? Some pods are old and taste shitty.

    I just switched to tea.
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    Replace the beans/grounds in your fancy machines with something better!

    Death Wish (Odinforce), or
    Bulletproof (Original)

    Best coffee ever.

    (New Mexico Piñon is good, too!)
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    @Root you've tried bulletproof? Best thing ever? Better than death wish? Butter didn't taste weird?
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    @dr-ant Yes. Just as coffee, it tastes so much cleaner than normal coffee.

    The actual "bulletproof coffee" recipe is also tasty. Personally, I prefer replacing some of the butter with heavy cream, and adding a little bit of erythritol.
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    @Root interesting.
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