Are you out of your free medium articles?😢 My Scrapy is here for the rescue.💸
This is simple application of web scraping, it scrapes the articles of medium and allows you to read or hear the article. If you use this on computer there will be a number of accents in the option.
The audio feature is provided only to the premium medium users, so here comes My Scrapy to save your 5$/month. 💸

Tech Stack used :
Python, beautiful soup, Django, speech synthesis

PS: This application was built for educational purpose and the source code for this application is not open sourced anywhere.
Fun Fact : You can still read any medium articles if they ask you to upgrade, you must be wondering how? Well, copy the link of the article and browse it in incognito mode on any browser.😂🤣

Try the app and lemme know if you liked it:

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    It's just my point of view, I like your idea, and I think it's better to be a browser extension rather than a web app so that when we open a medium site and we want to open a premium app, we can just right click on the title and there's an option to scrap. Congrats on your app though 👍
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    @volttide thank you for your suggestion I would definitely consider working on it
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    reading mode...
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    Or just write a userscript that clears your cookies every time you open the site. :^)
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