So I pulled an OLD ibm out of a trailer, that is literally falling down, today. Anyway, this cpu had been rained on and been in extremes of heat, and cold, so much so that there was moss growing on it.

I pulled it out and plugged it in, with the original plug *that was rusted in*, and.. it worked. The screen and everything worked perfectly! The floppy disk that hadn't been used in over 14 years and was stuck inside the reader, worked...

Mind blown!

As the old saying goes, they don't make 'em like they used to.

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    I had a Nokia that had been run over by a car, burned in a fire, dropped in a lake, and still worked without issue
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    @Plasticnova old nokia phones had a well deserved reputation for surviving a lot more than you would expect :)
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    My nokia was scratched and bruised to hell and back by the time I started considering a new phone to the point where it was a meme among my friends. For laughs I wanted to mess it up as much as possible before I binned it, but I couldn't break it even if I tried.

    I remember disassembling the casing before holding it down under my foot and trying to break it with my hand, and ended up cutting myself. I literally got hurt trying to damage it.

    Phone still worked fine by the time I threw it away. Battery life was fine as well.
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