I don't understand how people can write code, but be completely inept at developing software.

Take a zoom feature:

- Use 2 buttons
- Use 2 button listeners
- Use 2 float variables (for each button).
- Don't log anything.
- Use 3 crazy, hardcoded, constant, int literals like 66, 30...
- both buttons manipulate the same text field.
- no logging.
- Both listeners use if/else to check if the variable is within a range -- one if/else for each listener.
- Use crazy method calls to get text size.

- Use a slider.
- Use a single listener.
- No variables needed.
- Use a linear equation for zooming.
- has logging.

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    Also, it looks like devRant scaled that image down, sorry.
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    @ManBunMike Could you implement a zoom feature for it ? :)
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    @alexbrooklyn that made me lol.
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    ... tbf even with quite a bit of experience, id write solution 0...maybe dragging out duplication
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    I guess I just see the problem differently.

    If you zoom something, you need to have constraints on too small/too large. So you have a range.

    If you have a range, a slider can help with that.
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    I for real thought you were talking about Zoom; the application that is trying to replace webex lmao
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    Symptom of coding without planning first.
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    Any chance you could share your insights with whomever wrote solution 0? I don't know the specific situation or dynamic, but I'm wondering if your feedback and tips could be put to use as a learning opportunity for them.
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