Yesterday evening I updated Windows 10 on my PC to 1909. Everything was fine, just a quick update.

Today I saw that all my VMs in VMWare Workstation don't work anymore. And they contained all my work for university.
Okay, let's just revert back to 1903. This can't a problem, right?

But Windows decided that it should revert back to 1809, not to 1903.
Also that was my home PC, and I had remote connection.
Yes, now it doesn't work too, because Windows removed Chrome Remote Desktop while reverting.

Thank you, Windows.
Thank you, Workstation.

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    Also thanks to me thinking that this is the right time to install update
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    Interesting, I tried helping figuring out why launching Virtualbox VMs resulted in bluescreens ... we tried running VMs on VMware Player but they wouldn't boot either.

    The fix was to uninstall VirtualBox and VMware Player to replace them with Hyper-V, which worked. Didn't need to convert any of the VMs because they were throwaways anyhow. But in your case you'd need to convert the VM VDI disks to VHDX. PIA but a solution if you can't be arsed with trying to figure out what the hell is wrong.
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    @theKarlisK Oracle VMs still worked fine. I checked it before doing anything else. I think it won't be hard to restore everything when I will be at home. But while using remote control with not so good internet connection I tried the simplest solution.

    I once had bluescreens because of one program that works with electronic signatures of documents, but I found the solution in less than an hour that time.
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    1909? It's almost 2020. Catch up, shorts!
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    @netikras In two years there will be 2103 version of Windows. I hope that Microsoft will include some new technologies from far future.
    And not the surveillance technologies.

    And maybe in 2003 and 2009 they will try to bring back the glory of XP and 7, we can only hope
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    I just started the update process before opening devrant.
    My major task at hand on windows?
    Run a WSL with a watch script running every 10 min.

    Now I'm worried.

    (I know I'd be better off using Linux and blah blah... My system has problems when using Ubuntu because of RTL8723BE)
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    @srivmanu I think you won't have any problems, that is VMware related issue
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    @AltairWinner I hope so.. It just completed the update.

    (love your username btw)
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    Works for me? I even carried over VBOX in its current state and it's still working. (Also why not use VHDs for your VMs? Much easier to mount and carry over elsewhere.)
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