Everytime I see Cybertruck pics I see people tied up on hoods and other wildlings riding in the back with spears and guns

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    Pre 80s: cool curvy looking vehicles

    80s-90s: boxy looking shit

    2000s: cool curvy looking vehicles

    2020s: boxy looking shit?
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    This thing is so ugly, it will outperform the fiat multipla for sure
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    I disagree that it's ugly... just different.

    I doubt it will be street legal in my country, no mirrors, and it looks like it would be a great car for breaking cyclist bones, something we take issue with over here (NL).

    The specs look amazing for the price though -- accelerates like a high end sports car, tows like a truck.

    Still wouldn't buy one though, very little use for a truck in a small, asphalted flat country. Maybe I'm too old and way too practical, but my ideal car would be a budget Model Y with a decreased range, at a decreased €20-25k price.
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    It looks like someone's first attempt in blender.
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    I prefer mad max's car, the cybertruck doesn't have harpoon 😔
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    Witness me bloodbag!!!!!!
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