Boss: if I could put together a counter offer, is that something you might be interested in?

Me: eh, no. I’ve accepted an offer for slightly less money than I’m on

Boss: oh ... oh ok. Right so there’s nothing I can do?

Me: afraid not. You can’t offer me a role not dealing with those people in the states, having to use their shitty custom tools or having to follow their bad practises all day.

Boss: ok ..... shit

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    I'm glad you finally found something better and that your boss thinks he lost someone valuable.
    It's a shame you get payed less but it's better than working on a toxic enviornment
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    Your boss sounds genuinely concerned :/ I feel for him
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    @Charmesal ha yeah in a perfect world. It’s still very good compared to local and would be the higher end of the scale. Worth it for the sanity lol
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    @netikras I felt bad for him as I haven’t had any major issues with him. He did try to help us a lot, but doesn’t really have the power to do what needs to be done. Him being a nice guy didn’t make up for the others being a living nightmare though and I had to make a call
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    That final answer was the best 👏👏 he probably needed some dose of reality
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    I mean our bosses are generally human. Many of them are just managing the shit show they stumbled upon
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    I'm doing something similar RN. I am moving to a job that pays 3/4th of what I used to get since there is no scope for improvement here. The tools they use are primitive, and local/remote job listings do not show any better positions with that skillset.
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    I left, but they convinced me to come back 😭
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    @sudo-compile definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results

    ... enjoy
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