I've realized that I was acting like an annoying asshole in the past on devRant and I apologize for that behavior.

Some people deserved it and some didn't. Some companies deserved it and some didn't.

I guess the time for a change has come. I will be more careful from now on.

On a side note: I have a different username now.

It was a very depressing experience with you, -ANGRY-CLIENT-. Have fun on the other side. :)

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    Good luck mate!
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    Somone hold my fragile ego while i dive into this guy's post history.
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    Strongly appreciate your personal development and openness.

    We need more people signaling that personal evolution is a thing;
    which is feasible more than once in a lifetime.

    I will miss your refreshing blunt side.

    Keep it up ;)
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    @scor thanks and I appreciate your uplifting comment.

    Don't worry haha.
    Changing my behavior to be more calm on the internet doesn't mean that I will not be myself anymore.

    I will still be straightforward and honest. I will not lie to make a person feel better.

    I will only avoid unnecessary discussions with people who are ignorant etc, but I will still be fully there when someone needs a helping hand in a discussion when he or she is right.
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    @arcsector I feel honored haha
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    ++ from me. You reflect honestly on yourself, strive to improve, and openly admit mistakes. I appreciate those qualities very, very much. Thank you.
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    @VaderNT you're welcome and thanks for the support.
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