Startup company thats self sufficient and fair wage and freedom


Bigger company with 50% bigger wage but with big company things attached?

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    I'd go for a big one :)
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    Depends on your financial and personal goals. We can’t answer this for you. If you value autonomy and require little mentorship get into a small company where you can always play with new tools and have your freedom. If you value financial stability or need to have things more structured go for the large one.
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    I handed in notice yesterday to a big company to take less money at a startup. Not a massive drop. But with perks and bonuses added in, it will be noticeable.

    Not saying all big companies are the same and I don’t know if you can afford to work at the startup. Personally I’ve worked for several big companies and I think the only avenue that will lead me back to working for one is if they by the small company I go to work for.
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    If you spend your salary’s 60% to fixed costs, 50% more salary means 125% more to save for future. Go big. Startups are not magical happylands.
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    I currently work for a startup that is alive for around 10 years, they are cash positive for all of that time, i receive an average wage here, but i feel like i’ve been stagnatig for a while now and noones pushing me to improve me too much. I can use whatever technologies I want and improve the products in a way i think it would improve them, but noone is pushing me to do it. I will have a talk with the ceo about wage increase, but I’m not sure if they can match the bigger companies offer. I’m scared of the big company - possible bureaucracy and lack of skill, with imposter symdrome sprinkled on top..

    I currently don’t need-need the money as I live waay under my means, and my current wage is around market average, I save around 60% of my income, and I’m hustling freelance after work. The only goal of mine is to buy a house. The pay increase would just cut down on the time necessary to reach my goal, but there is always risk involved in switching jobs.. :(
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    There are always exceptions, but in general, the time you work is compensated far better at a big company than at a startup. At a big company, the work hours and expectations are reasonably and explicitly set. At a startup, everything's out the window. The work is much harder and requires a lot more of your time, for less money.

    The other side of this is that you're more likely at a startup to get observable pay increases, while exceptional performance at a big company will usually get you an annual merit increase of 2 to 3 percent, which doesn't usually even keep up with inflation. There's also the possibility at a startup that the company will succeed and the worthless stock you're given when hired will balloon into a massive pile of money.

    The risk and reward of a startup is appealing for sure, but I have a family now, and can't put them through it. So I work for a big company.
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    I whouldn't trade my startup for corporate
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    Worked at both, startups have the habit of burning me out. It's fast paced and don't get me wrong, I loved it for a time, but it wears you down if you let it.

    Big company can be soul crushing at time, but there is structure. No project manager telling you to help on their project even though it's irrelevant to the work you're doing.

    I'd say go with big company and when your older and your saved your money. Go start up.
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    big one and work on freelance mode for a startup, using some hours from the big one.. they usually have plenty of spare time due to bureaucracy : ^)
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