My friend silently quited his job. He simply stopped coming to work and that is OK, because his contract expired last Monday. He worked for very bad company, where everyone was braging about how awesome dev they are and know everything better than him. Since company forgot to talk with him about contract renewal or to find a replacement, they are now in big troubles because braggers broke production and none know how to fix it :)

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    Fucking people over while not doing anything illegal must be one of the most fulfilling thing to do.
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    Haha nice one!

    Btw the tag "devrant" is only for stuff related to this platform. Developer rants are just "rant".
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    I liked what your friend did there, simple leave, no troubles, no overthinking no nothing, just leave. Let them "those awesome devs" handle their stuff...
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    lol, when i was leaving a shitty company, it was the other way around, i found out a week in advance from a colleague in the style of rumor, and then waited, curious to see when the management will bother to tell me. they didn't, so at friday, when it was my last day, at 16:00, when i was ending the day, i had to go to manager's office myself to ask whether it was true, and he looked as if i was bothering him and just told me "oh, yeah, just leave the notebook on the table, goodbye", and that was it.
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    @351483773 well... what would you expect from a finantial company whose main POS+accounting software is written entirely in PHP?

    also the reason why i was let go was that the global management decided IT department is too expensive, and first on the line to go were contractors. which i was, because when they were taking me in three months prior, i said i'd prefer being an employee, and they said they'd prefer me to be hourly-billed contractor instead.

    another part of the reason i was let go was that i wasn't working enough, was leaving the office too soon, in their words. which i was doing because i knew i'm paid by hour, so when there were no other tasks to do for the rest of the day, i felt bad sitting there, doing nothing, racking up hours for not doing anything. so i explicitly explained this to them when i started out and asked whether it's okay for me to leave in those cases to prevent needlessly racking up my billing. they said yes, of course, makes sense.
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    @351483773 bunch of funny guys, they were. main programmer on the POS once spent 4 hours cursing at the monitor because he was losing a db row after a query, and didn't know why. i finally asked him to explain the issue. turns out me, who up to that point have never used SQL UNION clause, had to point out to him that when union comes across two identical rows in the table, it merges them into one.

    to him, main POS programmer, of a financial accounting app using the double-account system (not sure how it's called in english), designed in such a way that the info about pairs of transactions was very likely to generate what looked like duplicate/identical rows (but both "duplicates" were important to have), and which must have been using UNIONs in their main processing loop since the app was created 8 years before i worked there.

    fun company XD
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