I was baffled when I found out my girlfriend Google's things as actual questions instead of keywords.

I know it's fine considering the search has to work with voice assistant, I just thought everyone did keywords.

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    I couldn't remember the name of a basketball player so I literally Googled "Utah Golden State left" because I remembered he played at Utah and was recently on Golden State lmao.

    Worked like a charm
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    She is better at googling than you then :)
    For the past couple of years, question mode works better than keywords. In many cases.
    I was baffled about 3 years ago when I forgot a tv show name and just wrote a one sentence synopsis (In my own words) and the first result was exactly what I was looking for

    PS : I still use mostly keywords

    PSS : Here "a tv show about climate crisis and corrupted corporation"
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    Yes, the question format works pretty well! I noticed that when I wanted to find someone asking for a thing, instead of just text about it.
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    I often Google "why doesn't my code just fucking work?"
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    I've taught the my in-laws (they are in their upper 70's) to phrase their inquires as questions. "Talk to your phones like you are asking someone a question"

    Concept of keywords is completely foreign to them.

    Mother in-law just got her first smart phone this past weekend. Tts hilarious to watch her use it.

    Sue: "Hey google...if I have glaucoma and want the cheapest medication that doesn't make me sleepy, where do I do go? Oh my! Look at all my choices!"

    Me: "No..no, those are scam sites. Never click on anything that has 'Free this...Free that' in the title."

    My favorite..<she thought she was helping my son>

    Sue: "No girlfriend? Let me ask the google. Hey google, show me nice girls for my grandson."

    I already had the most restrictive settings on and I still had to explanation how those (very tame) pictures ended up on her phone and how careful she must phrase her inquiries. It could have been *much* worse.

    This is going to be a fun ride.
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    I sometimes talk to Google in my searches:

    "Why is Google manipulating elections?"

    "Why does Google bury alternate political ideas?"

    "I hope you burn in hell Google."

    "When are they going to break you up Google."

    The results are never that great. Google doesn't like to talk about itself.
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    I almost don’t type anything anymore. By the time I open the browser, half the internet already knows what I want thanks to all the ways I’m monitored. Convenient
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    I sometimes do that but only when good keywords are not easy to come by
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    Google themselves say you should use full questions but I've always used keywords and it works just great
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    @12bitfloat Most of what I Google is dev related. Normally I can't put a problem into a question so I've gotten used to keywords. Never went back.
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    @M1sf3t It kind of returns anything but info about itself.
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