So I woke up to this



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    That vim life
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    I'm not sure what the issue is?

    But then I already use vsCode for everything, got to love the workspace specific plugins and god damn am I more productive with HTML previews as another tab and the whole ssh/sftp integration with again plugins being specific to the environment you're working with.
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    Vscode getting more mainstream. God damn it!
    It's time to update my Vscodium.
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    Vscode is just a very good cross platform editor.

    Microsoft has always been good with developer tools, since before windows or dos.

    Its fast, extendable, free and backed by a company with a history of great development tools.

    And as far as I could read, it was especially the remote development and debugging that got them hooked as it made things much easier for their teams spread out over the world.

    All in one package.
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    @Root vim is life for me too 🏳️‍🌈❤️
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    Personally, I still prefer Visual Studio for .net development : It has everything out of box and no need to install, configure 10.000 plugins like it is the case with VSCode.

    But hey, some people are using vim or notepad (same thing). Use tools you like and don’t worry about what others think.
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    Must facebook taint everything that's good?
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    @orhun Nice to see someone else mention VSCodium instead of VSCode!

    I do use codium right now but the ram usage is absurd while even fucking netbeans stays below 500mb. (Vscodium regularly exceeds 2gb of ram)
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    @linuxxx Yup it's soo weird. I hope they will figure out a way to stabilize it.
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    @orhun Oh I don't mind it but it is not much more than a Chromium browser in the end...

    I'll keep using NetBeans regardless 😊
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