Has anyone been paying attention to what Google's been up to? Seriously!

1) Fuchsia. An entire OS built from the ground up to replace Linux and run on thin microcontrollers that Linux would bog down — has GNU compilers & Dart support baked in.

2) Flutter. It's like React Native but with Dart and more components available. Super Alpha, but there's "Flutter Gallery" to see examples.

3) Escher. A GPU-renderer that coincidentally focuses on features that Material UI needs, used with Fuchsia. I can't find screenshots anywhere; unfortunately I tore down my Fuchsia box before trying this out. Be sure to tag me in a screenshot if you get this working!

4) Progressive Web Apps (aka Progress Web APKs). Chrome has an experimental feature to turn Web Apps into hybrid native apps. There's a whole set of documentation for converting and creating apps.

And enough about Google, Microsoft actually had a really cool announcement as well! (hush hush, it's really exciting for once, trust me)...
Qualcomm and Microsoft teamed up to run the full desktop version of Windows 10 on a Snapdragon 820. They go so far as to show off the latest version of x86 dekstop Photoshop with no modifications running with excellent performance. They've announced full support for the upcoming Snapdragon 835, which will be a beast compared to the 820! This is all done by virtualization and interop libraries/runtimes, similar to how Wine runs Windows apps on Linux (but much better compatibility and more runtime complete).

Lastly, (go easy guys, I know how much some of you love Apple) I keep hearing of Apple's top talent going to Tesla. I'm really looking forward to the Tesla Roof and Model 3. It's about time someone pushed for cheap lithium cells for the home (typical AGM just doesn't last) and made panels look attractive!

Tech is exciting, isn't it!?

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    Tech is always exciting! I didnt even know about these google projects, i need to look into them too. But everything you described Sounds awesome!
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    Hmm. I certainly hope Flutter won't get axed before it is at least in beta.
    Googles been kinda bad about that.
    Thanks for posting.
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    And herein lies further proof of Apple's demise. They've been going downhill since Steve Jobs died, and any moment now they're gonna lose their stronghold to the other companies who are actually innovating the right way. Who would've thought Microsoft would end up being more innovative than Apple...
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    They've already shot themselves in the foot with the instant apps because as soon as it opens it'll start downloading the full app while you use the streamed version without permission.

    Completely defeats the point of instant apps, They also decided to let BUZZFEED of all people be one of the 6/7 apps in beta. Why the fuck would you let it be that cancerous festering anus of a website be one of the first people to use a feature that could change an industry?!

    For fuck sake Google!
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    I love what MS did in the latest years, really INNOVATED with: surface pro/book, surface hub, HoloLens, continuum... Windows 10 and UWP running everywhere (with properly scaling), .Net core (also for linux and os x)...
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    Yes, tech is exciting! Nice summary !rant. Did you compile from multiple sources? I like reading these sort of updates. Thanks
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    And suddenly, the price of Tesla increases with 100%
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    @Koolstr go easy on him, this is a network for ranting about code not other users. And insulting code? Really? That's low
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    @RhysOC True. Sorry, I'm just in a bad mood. 😕
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    @T-Hammer this might help you articulate your thoughts, please give it a try: http://www.grammarcheck.net/editor/
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    And Microsoft is about to fuck up everything about Andoid. Be expecting forced updates to "MicrosoftAndroid 10" with all hardware compatibility with stock Android messed up.
    And they'll introduce BSOD as a feature
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    I got Qubes, so screw Windows 10
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    This entire conversation makes no sense. And the possibility of it being intentional baffles me. I give up on trying to follow this conversation..
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    I have no idea what you are talking about, and if you are talking about Windows for armv8 - you are totally wrong
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    @Linux just sayin Microsoft will screw up Android the way it screws up everything else.
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    This was an awesome !rant but I can't believe I just wasted five minutes trying to make sense of the comments... Really people?
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    @-noob Microsoft has nothing to do with android...
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    @Linux not entirely, someone was paying Microsoft royalties (no idea if they still are), I don't recall if it was Google or the hardware vendors themselves.

    Either way, I have no idea what he's taking about. Nokia is said to be showing some Android devices at MWC, but that's apart from MS.
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    Wtf was this mess?

    @Neotelos !rant had perfect usage here.

    Should have stopped reading after first comment though. I feel there needs to be a rant about this discussion ffs.
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    @Koolstr thats fine we are Devs after all xD
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    After reading the comments, I doubt it
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    @Linux i was wondering what u were on about.

    Then I read the comments.
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    First Time I shouldn't have read the comments, it really waste my time. But Nice rant, I learned things.
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    Progressive web apps are really just web apps, there is no apk involved!
    It's not really a technology, it's more of a set of technologies that can provide the native app experience when used together. The most important of those is probably Service Worker!
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    @andrebreda know the subject matter before you speak. Now take a seat and go search "progressive web apps apk beta".
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    @Neotelos This is a great thing for PWAs! Although it seems to me it adds unnecessary weight to the webapp... I guess they do it like this to be able to support them without an OS upgrade.
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    Heard about the Fuschia project (hoping to see a glimpse of it at I/O) I had high hopes for Flutter, but I think they'll axe it in favour of PWAs.

    The truth is, I really like the way the mobile web is shaping up. Aside from graphically intense applications, there is a browser API that will allow you to do pretty much anything you can do on native. I'm glad to see that I can reuse my front end skills for app development without the need for a framework/tool/library.

    Although Chrome is making strides in making PWAs first class citizens, I think what would really crown it off is the ability to put your PWAs in the Play Store just in case users don't know how to do the "Add to Home Screen" trick.
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    @kshep92 I think Flutter will have it's place until we sort out the JavaScript mess. So far, the project seems alive and well and I think it will still see the light of day. When it does, miserable Java developers will rise to the Dart heaven
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    @andrebreda time will tell, my friend. Whichever way it goes - Polymer and PWAs or Flutter -, it's a win for us devs who won't have to learn multiple languages when getting our stuff cross-platform :-)
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    Google also published a pretty interesting 3d data compression library recently, open-source and on GitHub:

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    Thx for sharing
    Ooh yiss, we're living great times
    Gonna try theodel x next days @ Arnhem, nl
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    To all, they won't axe Flutter any time soon — there's too much internal drive for Dart. (Even Fuchsia has Dart but not v8)
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    Google will never ever replace Linux with anything. If I want to be spied upon by bad software I can go to windows too...
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    @Neotelos it took over a month but you finally earned a stress ball!
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    @dfox the criteria changed to 500, can I still get a stress ball 😅
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    Is Flutter worth learning if I wanted to get into app development for Android? So far it seems promising.
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    Wow, microkernels can actually make mobile battery life longer! I wonder what Google ATAP has been up to lately? It would be so awesome if they integrated Project Soli into their tailor made Fuscia devices. This could possibly do away with Apple altogether. I mean, these are projects being led by a former director of DARPA.
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