Had a production issue last night where db hung so today whole team was investigating.

I checked the graphs and noticed a huge spike in inserts during a few hours. Normally it's distributed evenly through the day.

Emailed team with screenshots and also mentioned it to someone but then forgot to follow up... I assumed they were looking into it (I don't work in the same office as them).

Someone just logged in and notice the same thing happening right now... which made me remember.

So I asked him, did you see my email?


Also got another guy doing a sort of code review on a util app I wrote that deletes certain records from our db and why I'm not just using SQL. I tools him the most obvious way doesn't work I tried but he won't believe me so let him do try it himself.

Anyway, these few days just feels like "why doesn't anyone listen to me?" ... and just feeling overqualified and sort of not part of the team again....

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    Sounds so incredibly familiar.
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    Sounds like you're ready to jump on the minimum-effort train at this job
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    @alexbrooklyn yes but the dilemma is I'm the guy that always asked to look into problems.... But the problems are caused by other ppls shitty code (tech debt).

    So I'm screwed either now or later....

    I'm most productive when I'm working on projects that don't involve others.... But then only I really use these... No one else bothers to learn.... I have no delegation power.... Or able to tell other people what to do just because I said so.... :(
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