Out of all the Easter eggs you put in your code, which is your favorite?

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    I never did it.. i want to now, i need ideas for noobs 😳
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    @vortex in my most recent project, I have a period near the top that looks like a normal period and has the text cursor when you mouse over it, but when you click it, it opens a hidden modal with Issac Asimov's "The Last Question" in its entirety.

    That one's my favorite. It will likely never be found, but I know it's there.
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    @-bgm- sneaky 😏
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    The never-press-this-button button. a button with label "do not press" triggering an e-mail telling you "user xyz pressed the never-press-this-button button". You would be surprised! 😬
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    I once hid an albert Einstein sticking out his tongue behind the logo of a website. Alt-clicking the logo would make it peek out his head. 😁

    This post inspired me to add Easter eggs again!
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    @Letmecode was the keyboard sequence "sloth"?
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    I added the konami code, it redirects to a space invaders clone.

    I told noone, I'm waiting to see what happens first, if someone views the source in the browser or code reviews begin and someone wonders why there's a very specific event handler...
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