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    it's what java was meant to be, but never could
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    @elvieeejo I LOVE YOU!

    i've been saying it a bit differently for years: "C# is what Java would have been if anyone stopped while making it and asked themselves 'how do we design this thing so that it makes sense and isn' t utter shit? ' "

    where do you live? do you want to get married?
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    C# is awesome
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    @Midnigh-shcode yes, I'll take thah marriage proposal

    please be american or european so you can take me out from my poverty of my underdevelopes country in latinamerica <3
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    @elvieeejo european, but currently depressed so poor anyway =D
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    @Midnigh-shcode well we can drink alcohol and cry together. Cheers!
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    @elvieeejo @Midnigh-shcode I completely agree. Java isn’t that bad but C# is just better at being what Java wanted to be than Java
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