Was on a leadership call last week and CEO didn't realize I was on it. Proceeds to talk about IT and says:

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    Services we require to operate don’t generate revenue, so we don’t need them...
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    So you told him to fire the cleaning staff because they don't make them money either?
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    Don't need staff that can't even use multiple choice categories right. That's joke/meme and has fucking NOTHING to do with the devRant platform.
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    @Erodedpretzel I was referring to your tag abuse. The "devrant" tag is not for "developer rant", but for shit related to the devRant platform itself. There are no HR / sales / finance rants here because it's a platform for devs, so EVERY rant is a developer rant.

    On top of that, joke/meme has a category of its own that I FUCKING FILTER because I don't want to see that shit in the first place.
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    @Fast-Nop I honestly didn't realize I used the wrong tag. I've only posted a few other things. Instead of blowing up on newcomers I'd be nice to have some constructive feedback.
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    @Erodedpretzel Yeah. I don’t know who thought that making 4 items in a list of the SAME SIZE and one completely different size is a good idea. (“Rant” looks like description box.)
    Same for me. Was pointed out for using wrong tag.
    Can we PLEASE have same size elements in a fucking list ?
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    @Fast-Nop this is not a joke/meme though. This is a short story that happened to OP. Yes he did include an image in the form of a meme but that is not the base of this rant.

    I hate memes as much as you do, but this isn't one.
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    @NoToJavaScript the rant button is the biggest because 9/10 times you will need that one. It's the main focus of the platform. I've never had issues with clicking the button I needed right away? Does it need to be bigger?
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    Well the CEO doesn't make the company any money either, so obviously he needs to go. /s

    Well, seriously. Yes, IT rarely makes money directly. But then again, who does really? Sales, and that's it. I really hate this "cost factor" thinking that's so prevalent in management.
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    @Erodedpretzel I'm pretty new here as well, from what i observed, most of the memes, non IT / dev related posts were posted by those who have been here long enough. but yeah, it's like they are enforcing these rules to the new ones and they have rules of their own.

    PS. -- this comment if you want. i’m just sharing what i observed.
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    @igarren rules are enforced by one person, the rest of the community just gets annoyed. The people who are here longer gets the same hate, but I block them after multiple times of doing it wrong. The reason you see those comments more often on a new person is because they have the most chance to change.
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    @Codex404 it is a meme, just maybe with original text
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