When SJW's take PCness too far xD. Read the full post at:

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    Nice strawman
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    I think you're in the wrong place.
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    Nobody cares.
    Get this trash out of this relatively pure platform.
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    Go back to your incel-friends on 4chan.
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    Where's the gender-nonconforming snow person?
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    Sad if you fail to appreciate or at least brush off a clearly satirical story that exacerbates all possible stereotypes.

    Point me to one about conservative/ corporate or traditionalist convictions and I'll like it just as much.
    Or maybe the Trumpian era has made it too hard to distinguish satire from reality?
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    @webketje Oh for fuck sake. We (probably) all like humour that is satirical of how people are today. But this isn't the place for that. Take it to Reddit, fucktard.

    I came here for a place to rant and connect with devs about what we do. Nothing else.
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    @odite thanks I like your directness and appreciate the honesty. I'll remember for next time.
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    if you want there to be a snow woman, it tells that you see a person differently by their gender.
    the average person does not make that destinction at this point, is therefore not necessarily biased, while the complaining person is... and probably should shut up.
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    @webketje I appreciate a satirical story, sure, but this isn't one. This is just a clear political statement, which by the way is not allowed on devRant.
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